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Cannabis and Its Therapeutic Uses

Sometimes it feels like everyone is talking about the therapeutic uses of cannabis and many people all over the world, especially in nations where cannabis is still illegal, are fighting to establish an open minded system that recognizes the advantages of embracing medical marijuana. However, the true nature and depth of the health benefits related to the use of cannabis, besides maybe the fact that marijuana can help with the awful side effects of chemotherapy, is often either underestimated or partially/completely ignored.

While the consensus over what kind of uses should be looked upon as being “officially valid” is far from universal, there are a few benefits that can now be considered scientifically proven.

Cannabis has been shown to be a remedy against nausea and vomiting, a cure in case of anorexia and other eating disorders, cachexia and chronic pain. Benefits were also confirmed in cases related to asthma, glaucoma, spasticity, movement disorders and nervous tics. Plus, soon to be proven are the positive consequences cannabis can have on health problems such as epilepsy, depression, inflammations, allergies (seasonal or not) and various types of infection, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, bipolar disorder and different kinds of addictions. However, the studies needed to confirm the value of cannabis in cases of cancers, autoimmune diseases (like lupus), blood pressure imbalances and neurodegenerative diseases are just beginning.

For all the cases in which the benefits have been proven, cannabis based remedies and drugs have been produced and perfected for years, but even when cannabis “could be helpful” people seem increasingly willing to try out different kinds of hemp-based cures. And this is very good! For instance, since 2005 Canada has authorized the sale of a cannabis spray that can be prescribed to treat neuropathic pain in cases of patients suffering from cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Marijuana is also famously effective in the treatment of sleep disorders, a fact that however rarely received much attention. Nevertheless, for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders, this is not a minor issue and it can indeed become rather annoying and truly disabling. Cannabis expert users are well aware that, in addition to relax the muscles, increase appetite, and improve circulation and mood, cannabis regulates sleep, making it deeper and more fulfilling.

Certainly, no matter what you suffer from, in order to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, you need a good quality product – unless you want to deal with the consequences of pesticides and other not-so-healthy stuff. If you need a point of reference, a place where you can buy some of the best marijuana you’ll ever find, here is a link you’ll appreciate: