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Let’s Talk About Species

Those who try to step into the cannabis world soon find themselves facing an initial, elementary problem: what strain should I choose? In order to begin to make sense of the “what, where and how”, it’s probably better to first understand the differences between the species of cannabis nature offers.

Here we go.

Cannabis Sativa

A plant that can be 6 meters tall, the perfect solution for those who need hemp to produce paper or textile fibres. Unlike normal trees, which need decades to get big enough to be noticed, this plant grows incredibly fast. Therefore, it’s environmental impact its minimum. The THC levels in this variety of cannabis are pretty low, which is why it is not often used in medicine. Still, it is a productive little being.

Cannabis Indica

A robust plant that can grow to easily surpass the 1 meter mark. It comes with a tons of leaves. Its trunk is quite woody, if you know what I mean, and that’s the reason why the textile industry likes it a lot. The levels of THC in its leaves are very high, a feature that puts its flowers on the “most wanted” list of smokers, doctors and cannabis lovers all over the world. Enjoy it if you want to relax, meditate and/or have fun.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Even stronger than cannabis indica, the so-called ruderalis is extremely adaptable. It can even grow under the snow. It grows very slowly and, although the trunk is woody, it is not considered the best plant when it comes to the production of paper or textile fibres. The THC levels are low, but this variety is perfect to produce hybrids and it is therefore very popular.
Something that maybe you don’t know. Plants can be female or male. Male and female plants look different, and go through a different life cycle. When it comes to TCH, the flowers of the cannabis female are the real treasure, because they offer a lot of resin. After pollination, however, the flowers reduce their production of resin, which turns its attention to the seeds. The male, on the other hand, dies after the pollination. A peculiar feature of the cannabis plant is its ability to reproduce without pollinators. This can happen because the male produces small pockets that contain the pollen. Once they ripen, they open up and the plant begins to vibrate, as if it was dancing. This little dance is precisely what makes the pollination possible, with the help of the wind. Of course, the farmers who want to collect the female flowers and their precious THC try everything they can to stop the pollination dance. Quite funny, if you think about it.

Ok, now you know the basics and you are ready to visit the website where you can find the best cannabis strains ever. Here it is: