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People are planning to set up a cannabis grow room are wondering whether or not weed smell. While live cannabis has a distinctive smell and a rich aroma, a strong odor can be an issue for those who are growing cannabis seeds at home. Because of this, growers will need to live with the odor every day. Also, guests and neighbors may notice the smell. Therefore, before setting up a grow room, a person must know what the smell is like and what can impact the aroma’s character and strength. Also, aspiring growers must know how to ensure the strong smell does not permeate their house.

What Cannabis Plants Smell Like

For a lot of people, the smell of cannabis plants is herbal, skunky, or woody. But, some growers have come up with strains that have more pleasant aromas, adding notes of berry, pine, clove, or lemon to the basic cannabis scent.

Where Does Cannabis Get Its Scent?

Terpenes are aromatic oils in marijuana that provide it a distinct scent. They help the plants by attracting pollinators and warding off bugs that would consume the leaves. The most common terpenes found in the plant include Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-pinene, and Caryophyllene. The unique aroma profile of every cannabis strain depends on the quantities of these terpenes and other terpenes. But, other factors such as the environment and growth stage can also impact the smell of the plant.

How to Control the Smell of Live Cannabis Plants

A rich aroma usually indicates high-quality flowers, but the smell of the growing skunk plant may be overpowering. Growers can use some products and techniques to reduce the smell. However, they need to first control the growing conditions precisely. They must manage the room temperature, air circulation, humidity levels, and light quality to avoid placing the plant under stress.

Air freshening gels and sprays can mask odors and over-ride them with another scent. However, they are not recommended since the artificial perfume may be absorbed by the plant. The safer option is to grow other aromatic plants like lemon balm, lavender, or eucalyptus. Also, growers can invest in a carbon filter that clears odor by eliminating particles from the air.

Hiding the Smell of Harvested Marijuana

After harvesting weed, it must be cured. Curing extracts moisture from the flowers and can take anywhere between 2-6 months, depending on the strain. This process is important to maintain the flower’s quality. But, cannabis is at its most pungent during this process. To hide the smell of curing flowers, they must be placed in an air-tight container.