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Producing a hardy marijuana plant should start with a seed to come up with a good strain. Although lighting, soil, and nutrients play an important role in the final yield, it is necessary to start with a high-quality seed to have the perfect genetics that has the highest possible yield. That is why growers must get their seeds only from a reputable marijuana seed retailer.

What Makes a Quality Marijuana Seed?

Finding quality marijuana seeds can be difficult because the majority of growers avoid seed production in their plants. Here’s what to look for when buying quality cannabis seeds:

  • Appearance and color. High-quality marijuana seeds have some aesthetic qualities that set them apart from unhealthy seeds. The best seeds are tan, brown, or even black because immature seeds are lighter colors such as yellow, white, and pale green. Also, the best seeds feature dark spots or stripe patterns and have a healthy sheen on the surface.

  • Shape and size. The best quality seeds are the ones that have the most symmetrical round or teardrop-shape. Immature seeds are small and usually have an irregular shape.

  • Durability and hardness. Look for cannabis seeds that have a hard outer shell with a smooth, uncracked surface. Stay away from seeds with soft surfaces that crack, crinkle, or crumble easily.

  • Age. Freshly harvested seeds are usually more viable than those that are months or years old.

Remember that if you buy feminized seeds, you will get just female plants. Without males in the areas to pollinate the female plants, you will not get a lot of sees if you get any at all. Unfertilized plants produce the largest and best yields. While fertilized seeds can still offer a crop, the yield will be much smaller and the buds with seeds, offering the seeds necessary for the next generation.

Purchasing Top Shelf Seeds

Buying marijuana seeds take a lot of trust. You would not know what strain you are getting by just looking at the seeds. What you would know is just the information the seller offers. So, when buying seeds, pick a seed bank or company that provides some client support. Although it is not too hard to cultivate cannabis, you cannot just ask family members or friends to help and support because of the nature of the plant. The right source of your seeds should specialize in breeding a variety of marijuana strains and produce seeds that grow into viable, high-yielding plants with the right care.