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Costs and Reasons

The cannabis debate is shifting towards the criminalization of drugs in general. Truth be told, looking at the results of the latest scientific studies that focus on both legal and illegal drugs, the reasons behind official criminalization and decriminalization have slowly become almost completely obscure. In fact, alcohol – which is legal in almost every State on earth – is listed among the most dangerous drugs by the most authoritative scientists, while cannabis isn’t: alcohol is actually more harmful than the best part of the illegal drugs, heavy or not. According to the data, marijuana is also less dangerous than cigarettes. It appears, looking at the history of criminalization, that the connection between harmfulness and illegality is at least shaky.

It seems fair to claim that criminalization is driven by the power of big monopolies, before being a matter of law and justice. That’s precisely why cannabis suddenly became illegal: because it was an uncomfortable product for the few rich men who reigned (and still reign) over petroleum, textile and paper industries. If cannabis was free and legal at a global level, a number of transnational corporations would suffer enormously. Paradoxically, corporations pushed the world to turn its back on cannabis because they couldn’t handle a little free competition, which is supposed to be their first sacred commandment. On the other hand, alcohol is associated with rich people, and an even richer industry, and those involved in its trading have always been ready to do whatever it takes to keep on getting richer. The same goes for the tobacco industry, managed by corporations that are strong enough to govern nations and presidents, even if they promote death and slavery, and the distribution of their commodity is extremely expensive. If interests, costs and reasons reside in the hands of common people, however, power reacts and criminalization becomes easier.

And still, in a moment where people cannot afford to go the hospital anymore, isn’t it time for a State to actually protect its citizens from the drugs that are truly harmful? Are we waiting for entire societies to collapse before choosing health over money? When people can choose, when they really know the truth, they choose what’s best for them: they buy good cannabis seeds ( and they say goodbye to alcohol and tobacco. At the end of the day, this is an obvious choice, if the State stands behind it instead of allowing rich people to govern following their own wallet.