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It’s Cannabis Oil, Don’t Call it Medical Pot

Up until the 18th/19th century, the category “children” didn’t exactly exist. Children were considered to be little men and women, who have different skills and knowledge when compared to their adult counterparts. These little beings, however, were not “less then” an adult: they were simply different, and therefore they performed different tasks within the society. When the French Revolution turned Europe upside down, however, concepts such as education and childhood had already begun to change, and by the time the bloody riots of the late 18th and early 19th centuries ended the transformation was completed: children had to be “educated” in order to be “good citizens”. Childhood and youth were now considered dangerous phases, in which quasi-adults were dangerous and in danger. Needless to say, this vision was extremely classed: the children of the upper classes were the little angels who were “in danger”, while the kids of the lower classes were the little brats who were “dangerous” for the society.

In the 20th century, the “little angel” rhetoric expanded to embrace childhood as a concept, and every child became innocent, fragile, asexual and in need of education. Today, we are still living within the little angel phase and, surprisingly enough, the way in which medical cannabis is conceptualized is just another example of how strong the “innocent-child” label really is.

This is how the story goes. Marijuana is dirty and wrong, or at least this is what we’ve been told for decades: cannabis is just as bad as sex, drug and rock and roll. Precisely because marijuana is this bad, the “fragile”, “innocent” member of our society need to be protected from it, in the same way in which they need to be protected from violence and sex.

What happens, however, if those innocent creatures need the bad marijuana monster in order to survive? What if they need the best quality cannabis (like the one you can buy here to fight an incurable disease? The answer is quite simple: you just don’t say they do. Instead, you keep underlining that cannabis oil is not medical cannabis, the dirty monster.

Let me say it here, loud and clear: cannabis oil is medical cannabis! And yes, children might need it too, because marijuana is not a monster, and children are human beings. You see? It’s not that bad if you say it out loud, and I am sure we can all agree with the fact that medical cannabis…is good, even for kids!