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Cannabis plants are cultivated in 2 ways – either via seeds or cloning. And the method you choose depends upon a few factor like:

• Whether you’re a beginner.
• Whether you’re a pro.
• Whether you’re targeting cannabis growth for trade.
• Whether you’re growing cannabis at home and not for commercial sale.

That said, cannabis seeds are of 3 different kinds. And today we will be taking you through their types and which ones should you be using.

But before that, it’s necessary that you know that cannabis plants are male and female. And, it’s female plants that are used since they are the flowering ones. So, male plants are removed.

So, let’s get started now.

1. General Seeds

The trickier ones, general seeds can produce highest-quality hybrids. However, the process is painstaking. Mostly, on an average, it’s expected that 50% seeds will be female and the other 50% will be male. Which is why these seeds should be used only if you are a professional cultivator.

Some of their benefits despite the hard work are listed below.

• They produce the maximum yield on a large scale.
• They have high THC content.
• They give better control over plant growth since the seeds grow only after you start the 12/12 light cycle. Naturally, it gives the cultivators more time.
• They can be cloned easily.

2. Autoflowering Seeds

These seeds are better if you live in the northern climate that has lesser sunshine. Whilst the regular ones won’t grow until they get 12 hours of light a day, the autoflowering ones have no such requirements. In fact, they start flowering within 10 weeks of germination.

Other than this difference, these seeds differ from the general ones in the following ways.

• They produce plants that are shorter than the ones yielded from general seeds.
• Their THC content is lower. However, nowadays, breeders have also started producing autoflowering seeds with higher THC amounts.

Some of their best benefits are:

• They’re low maintenance options.
• They can be harvested much faster than other available options.

3. Feminized Seeds

These seeds are already segregated. Which means that more than 95% crops they yield are already female. Some of their benefits are as follows.

• They do not require pollination.
• More plants can be cultivated in less space.
• These are best for beginners since there’s not much hard work required in order to separate male plants from the female ones.