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Not many people know that cannabis can be an aphrodisiac. Cannabis enthusiasts will tell you that the right strain does make a difference to sex and the whole experience of it. If you read up online, you will realize that users often recommend different strains for different types of sex. In this post, we have made things simple by sharing the top strains for arousal & sex.


If you know that a strain has up to 27% THC concentration, you probably know what to expect from it. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which can make you feel at ease, which is great for having good sex. Mimosa is often recommended for those with depression and nausea, but when you want to be a little naughty under the sheets, this is what you will need.

Granddaddy Purple

This is an iconic strain in many ways. Granddaddy Purple has a psychedelic effect, but you will be very much at ease. The THC content of this strain is at around 20%, although some strains have as much as 27% THC. Euphoria is what you may experience with this strain, and there is no denying that the experience is incredible. With Granddaddy Purple, you cannot go wrong with your partner – Just take it slow.

Wedding Cake

This is that perfect strain that can boost your libido in no time. Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, which has a THC concentration of around 25%. A few puffs, and you will feel an instant boost in your emotions and physical feelings. If you are trying Wedding Cake for the first time, go easy with your initial drags.


Another great strain for arousal and sex is Trainwreck. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid with THC concentration ranging between 18% and 25%. The best thing about Trainwreck is its effect, which is very energetic and calming at the same time. The strain is often recommended for stress and pain, but on a day when you want to do things with your partner, this is what you need.

There are a few strains that work best when you want a sudden burst of energy. Your options include sativa strains like Green Crack or hybrids like Cheese Quake. Master Kush is a good strain when you want to relax and ease before sex, while Bubblegum Kush is a smart choice for enhancing your bodily feelings. Check for top cannabis strains now and take a call.