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There are literally hundreds of strains in the market today. For a cannabis enthusiast, the options can be often overwhelming. While you are probably used to buying your favorite strains, you may also want to try new choices. In this post, we are reviewing cannabis strains that deserve your attention.

Jock Horror

If you are a fan of Jack Herer, you will like this one too, which is an 80% sativa-dominant hybrid. The citrus and berry aroma of this strain is quite evident from the first drag. Jock Horror is not for the faint hearted, with THC concentration of 25% and minimal trace of CBD. This is a strain that may work well for days when you are feeling low or need relief from chronic pain and anxiety.

Meat Breath

If you are looking for a more balanced strain, Meat Breath is the one to go for. This strain has THC content of 28% and has this fruity aroma that is super easy to fall for. Many people associate the odor with rotting meat, which probably justifies the name. It is a great choice for those who are looking for stress and anxiety relief, but there is no denying that Meat Breath is not a strain for beginners.

Golden Goat

Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which has a CBD concentration of just more than 1%. The THC content may vary between grower and season, but usually ranges between 16% and 23%. The effects of Golden Goat can last for yours at a taste, and it has a unique tropical fruity flavor that’s not common to other strains. This is again not a strain for new smokers, but can be a good choice for those dealing with depression and stress.

South Plant

This is a 75%-sativa dominant strain that is known for its cerebral high. South Plant is a perfect strain for anyone who wants to focus and work better on a lazy day. The aroma of this strain has fruity and earthy undertones, and the THC level is rather moderate at 14% or higher. South Plant should work for new and experienced users alike, although you may want to go slow because you never know what to expect from this strain.

Check online for other known and trending cannabis strains, and do read on potency and genetics before you choose one. The eventual goal is to enjoy your experience or at least get the medicinal benefits.