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When it comes to the effect of cannabis on your body and mind, there are many factors that play a vital role. Genes are primarily considered as the blueprint of any human being. The potency of the herb, the type of the strain, and the amount of consumption can play a vital role in the effect of the herb in your body, but it affects each individual differently.

Research has shown that if a group of people consumes the same type of strain, the effects of the herb can be different in everyone. Some may get the feeling of daydreaming, fits of laughter, some may show signs of creativity but others may get anxious, have cough locks, and some might even get paranoid. But why is the effect of marijuana different on everyone?

The answer to this question is your genes.

Why does it affect everyone differently?

By conducting extensive research over a period of time, scientists have found out that some of the genes present in your body will control the way your body and mind get affected by cannabis. Every single one of us has around 20,000 genes in our cell, i.e. each of our thirty-seven million cells has that amount of gene present in them.

Addiction/dependency of cannabis in your body

For a long time, there has been an argument about the addiction to cannabis. Some say cannabis addiction doesn’t exist, and others are determined that it is one of the worst addictions one can have. Studies have shown that a variation in the CHRNA2 gene in the body may cause cannabis addiction or at least a high level of dependency.

The cannabinoid receptors in our body, known as CB1 and CB2 can also affect the genetic variability that causes cannabis to affect differently in our body. Enzymes such as CYP2C, CYP3A4, and CYP2C19 are responsible for the breakdown of the cannabinoid in our body, such as CBD and THC mainly. The 15 variations of CB1 and 7 variations of CB2 have a significant effect on cannabis due to the mutation of genes in our body.

In conclusion, cannabis does affect differently to different people due to the variation of gene mutation in the body. Thus, it is up to us, the avid consumers of cannabis to check and keep track of the effects that you get while consuming the herb.