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You walk into a dispensary and something feels off right away. The store isn’t clean; the display cases are mostly empty with some of the strains that you know. You get your strain, pay the bill and come back to your house. The moment you open up your weed, something is not right about the weed. It is not as green as it should be, with some discoloration and fuzzy spots on the buds. That, there might be mold, which is not at all good to smoke. We all have been in that place, so how do you spot moldy weed from regular fresh weed?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you exactly how to identify weeds that have gone wrong or have developed molds.

Types of molds growing on cannabis

Tolds or mildews can affect cannabis as they affect any other organic plants. Cannabis generally gets molds and mildews if they are grown in a damp moist area, where humidity is the key source of these fungi. Fungi like Penicillium thrive, Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Mucor, and Rhizopus are some of the common molds that are found growing in damp cannabis.

Factors that create molds in cannabis

  1. Improper air ventilation during the growth period can cause moisture to get stuck with the flower, causing fungus to grow on the buds.

  1. Improper way of storing, i.e. in freezer or fridge can also cause molds to grow on the buds, leading to sinus problems, heavy cough locks during consumption.

  1. Incorrect ways of dry and cure can also produce molds on the flower.

How to spot molds on your buds?

Molds are pretty hard to spot on cannabis, and thus often go unchecked by a regular consumer. However, there are ways to identify whether there are molds on your cannabis or not.

Firstly, your nose will trigger you about molds even before your eyes. Trust your senses. Contaminated weed generally smells off like the damp corner of your basement.

If you have problems with smell, look for fuzzy spots on the buds under bright lighting, they are the signs of improper weed.

In conclusion, if you have unfortunately got some cannabis with molds and you are having problems in breathing and cough locks after consuming, be sure to throw that bud away. It is better not to smoke than to smoke some bad weed.