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Marijuana edibles are just as popular as smoking marijuana. In fact, people end up enjoying a high that lasts much longer when they eat marijuana instead of smoking it. So, if you’re in the mind to eat cannabis edibles too, then here’s a to-do and a not-to-do list that’ll help you all along the way so that you enjoy just the benefits.

The To-Do Guide

Marijuana edibles are loved by the cannabis community globally.

When you’re buying them directly from canna shops – if cannabis is legal in your state – make sure you’re buying it from reputable vendors who sell high-quality items only.

However, if you belong to an area where cannabis is still illegal, it’s better that you cook the edibles at home.

The things that you should do while cooking marijuana include the following.

  1. Cook simple recipes first.

  2. Cook complicated edibles with an experienced friend.

  3. Decarboxylate cannabis before using it.

  4. Always follow the temperature guidelines closely so that you don’t burn what you’re cooking.

  5. Try to use unsalted butter when cooking weed cakes. It holds more cannabinoids than salted butter can.

These are the few to-do things when you’re cooking marijuana. However, there’s an entire batch of things that you should not do as well. Have a look at them below.

The Not-to-Do Guide

  1. Edibles take longer to give a high because the body has to first digest them. Which is why they will start showing the effects after 45 minutes or an hour. So, do not overeat the edibles in order to get an early high.

  2. Do not consume alcohol with marijuana edibles at all. It’s OK to drink alcohol when you’re smoking marijuana. But, if you consume alcohol when you’re eating marijuana, you’ll certainly end up vomiting.

  3. Do not eat marijuana on an empty stomach. Otherwise, it will take much longer to digest the edible. Instead, it will be digested fairly easily when you’ve already had food.

  4. Do not use the same amount of marijuana for cooking that you use for smoking. Marijuana, as an edible, kicks in way stronger than the same amount when smoked. So, always use less than you smoke when cooking.

  5. Do not overcook cannabis. Otherwise, it will lose the cannabinoids that offer the high.

All in all, you’re set for an amazing experience as long as you stick to these guidelines for eating marijuana.