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The most recent marijuana debate is getting shifted on two major cannabinoids in weed, THC and CBD. Whilst both are naturally present in cannabis, they have entirely different effects. It has divided the cannabis community so much that the confusion around these two has to be settled; hence, this guide – CBD vs THC. if you’ve been trying to find the answer too, then just read through the guide below until the very end.

Picks on THC

THC in cannabis is associated with the feeling of Euphoria. It’s a highly potent cannabinoid that has single-handedly enjoyed the attention until now. But with the arrival of CBD with a boom, it’s facing certain issues that we are going to discuss now.

Is THC Addictive?

This is the first question that’s haunting everyone. To clear the air once and for all, the answer is, no. Cannabis and any of the cannabinoids in it are not addictive.

Is Overdosing on THC life threatening?

Again, the answer is, no. But, the question is, why would you want to overdose on anything?

It’s never a good idea to overdose on anything. But, you certainly won’t die if you overdose on THC. What you’ll instead go through will be:

  • A hangover headache.

  • Nausea and, most probably, constant lethargy the next day.

But believe us, no one has or can die due to weed overdose.

Is it risky to consume alcohol with THC?

Well, not if you’re smoking marijuana. But, it might turn your stomach upside down if you drink it with marijuana edibles. But, then again, it’s not toxic at all.


THC is neither harmful nor toxic. It’s an excellent mood uplifter that kicks in a pleasant Euphoria that’ll make you sleep better as well.

Picks on CBD

CBD has come a long way. Despite it, it’s comparison with THC still continues. Ergo, people still doubt if it’s actually good for health. Which is why we have made this guide to address all such questions. Have a look!

Is CBD Really a Health Booster?

Certainly, it is. It is a scientifically proven analgesic that’s used to treat chronic pain due to muscular and joint disorders like arthritis and gout. In fact, it’s also very effective in:

  • Period cramps.

  • Muscular pain.

  • Pain after chemotherapy.

  • Headache due to migraine.

Can I Overdose on CBD?

Like we mentioned, you can overdose on everything if you eat it in excess. But, you cannot die on cannabis. It won’t get you hospitalized either. You’ll certainly have to go through nausea though.


CBD is a 100% medicinal miracle that can help relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

But, what’s better? THC or CBD?

This answer actually depends upon individual choice.

  • If it’s Euphoria that you want, you’ll enjoy THC, not CBD.

  • If you’re looking to relax without getting high, then it’s CBD that you’ll enjoy the most.

So, in the end, it’s all about the kind of effect you’re looking for since both THC and CBD are equally good in their respective properties.