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Marijuana, also known as cannabis is an interesting plant that is used both in medical science and as man’s recreational object. But what we know as medical marijuana, (i.e. Cannabidiol, can be prepared at home) cures health issues like anxiety disorder, type I diabetes, epilepsy, and even cancer. Also, marijuana is largely used in making some processed foods. So with all these things, nobody can help being enthusiastic about planting marijuana at home. So let’s talk about some tips to grow the marijuana planted in the home faster.

Fertilized Soil and Proper Sowing of Seeds 

It is best if you can prepare the soil on your own. To do this, you have to mix fertilizer and water with the soil. Then leave the mixture for a month in an open ground. Once the month is accomplished, you have to soak the seeds in water for a day. When the seeds will sprout their heads, you need to place them in the prepared soil.

Select the Right Marijuana Type

Different marijuana plants take different time periods to mature. So you should always choose the kind with a lesser time period. Every marijuana has two parts of life: the vegetative stage and flowering stage. It is possible only in the vegetative stage to make the time shorter with special nourishment. But it has limitations too. The faster you want the full harvesting of the plants, the smaller the plants become. For doing this, you just need to plant many cannabis altogether.

Manage 24*7 Lights for the Plants

12-14 hours of light will just keep the plants in the vegetative stage with slower progression. So as obvious a 24-hour lighting will give them more time to grow. It helps the plants to reach the flowering stage a bit faster. Also, you should take care of the temperature, which should be between 65°c-75°c. 

Be Careful about Problems in your Plants

This is an important job for the growth of the plants. Keep them as much protected as you can. But in case it shows up problems, you need to quickly react to it. Things you need to be careful about are malnutrition, pest infestation, heat stress, light burns.

Feed Good Nutrients to the Plants

Make sure you are feeding your plants good nutritive elements without any strong chemicals. Though preparing a well-fertilized soil doesn’t ask for more nutrition, you should still be attentive about the nutritional elements for your plants. 

To say in fine, cannabis usage is sprouting along the World with the help of medical science. The illegalities concerning cannabis use are being revoked by the North America Nations. Because the Medical facilities it can provide us are coming out through researches gradually. So there are hardly any obstacles for us to perform a cannabis harvesting. And through a little bit of research ourselves, we can find out the best ways to plant indoor marijuana, like this.