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Pruning is an optional step in growing the Cannabis plant. When the process of pruning is executed properly, the result would be a higher yield. But one has to make sure that he or she knows the techniques of pruning well as otherwise there are a lot of risks involved. Some growers might not prefer to prune letting the plant grow to be its natural size. However, due to space restrictions and higher yield necessities, pruning is a better choice.


Topping is a technique which indoor growers mostly prefer. This is because the technique allows the plant to have maximum access to sunlight. It is very useful as natural sunlight is the most preferred form of lighting. Other sources prove to be more expensive. Topping when done appropriately would result in bigger buds, leaves, and bushier plants. The method is comparatively easy. It involves one selecting a top shoot and using scissors or knife to cut the same off.


Unlike the topping method, Fimming involves the shoot of the plant. It partially removes the shoot in order to get a wider plant and more number of leaves. If done properly the result would be four buds. Compared to the topping technique, the Fimming technique makes the plant more susceptible to damage. Though the plant recovers quickly, due to this defect most indoor growers do not prefer this method. This method is mostly preferred by outdoor growers. The process of Fimming involves selection of shoot and then cutting two-third of it.


Lollipopping has two methods which growers usually choose from: Top down lollipopping and Bottom up lollipopping. As the name suggests, the plant takes the shape of a lollipop after you are done with the process. This process should be undertaken in the veg phase. This phase is useful if the plant is in need of increased air circulation and a larger amount of energy conservation.

Over Pruning Dangers:

As many new growers may not be aware of the exact amount of pruning, they might make the mistake of over pruning the plant which instead of increasing your yield might decrease it. Proper pruning is required for higher THC return.

Pruning is a step above the routine growing and addition of fertilizers. One must know these methods and choose the technique that best suits the plant. When done properly, pruning produces a lot of high yields.