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Growing Marijuana: The Secrets You Should Know

Growing marijuana is surprisingly not difficult. Actually, it is probably way easier than what you think. It is of course possible to fail, just like it is possible to let a basil plant die miserably. But, in reality, you only need to know a few tricks to get excellent results.

Here is a simple guide that will help you avoid failures:

1 – Choose good quality seeds. You can easily purchase them at

2 – Help the seeds germinate by placing them between two damp cotton balls. Make sure the cotton doesn’t get dry until the seeds begin to turn into a small plant.

3 – As soon as the seed sprouts, put it in a jar with some soil. Remember, you must create a few holes in the jar for the roots, as they will need space to grow.

4 – While you are waiting for your seeds to sprout, buy a fluorescent lamp. You will have to place it a few inches from the apex of the sprouts.

5 – When your little plant is big enough, put it in a bigger pot. The pot must have holes for water drainage. A little tip: you can put some pot shards or expanded clay at the bottom of the pot, it will help you prevent water stagnation, which would be quite deadly for the roots.

6 – Use quality soil enriched with manure and fertilizer, mixed with perlite and sand (about two handfuls of sand and two of perlite for each pot).

7 – Remember to fertilize your plants often.

It is important to remember that the plants grow according to the food and the light they receive. If you can, make sure your cannabis receives high-quality fluorescent light for many hours a day, everyday. The room you choose must be dry, a condition that promotes the production of resin. Also, water the plants when the soil dries out. Make sure the water you use doesn’t contain too much chlorine and limestone. In order to do so, let the water rest in a barrel for one day and one night before using it. This is quite important.

Once your cannabis is ready, the fun part begins. Time for the harvest! When the plant is covered with flowers and resin, eradicate it. Let it hang upside down, roots towards the ceiling. Put some paper on the floor, you will need it to collect the resin. Leave it that way until the leaves dry. Then, collect them and store them in a dry place.

Enjoy it!