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Marijuana has always been regarded as the epitome of the entourage effect but for a long the exact reason behind the effect was unknown. THC has been regarded as the active ingredient that is responsible for the high. But THC is just one of those dozens of cannabinoids that are found in cannabis and that can give the same effect. There is also the presence of terpenes, flavonoids, or other beneficial compounds which might be giving the same effect. So let us understand this more.


Cannabis has a variety of cannabinoids in multiple variations and combinations. Their concentrations are the reason behind the entourage effect. While THC is available in the largest concentration, CBD is what follows next. They have their separate sets of benefits and potentials to treat symptoms like epileptic seizures, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, or even pain. The variety of the strains also change based on the changing ratios of CBD to THC.


Terpenes or terpenoids are common in almost all vegetation and are also found abundantly in cannabis. They can contribute to the specific aroma and flavor of the strain. Some of the strains contain terpenes that also act as the serotonin uptake inhibitor and enhance the norepinephrine activity effectively. Increasing the dopamine activity in the body, they smoothly help the marijuana to act as antidepressants.


Like the compounds of terpenes, flavonoids are also the very common compound that exists all around the botanical world. They are also found in good quantities in cannabis and are called cannaflavins. Cannabis almost has a presence of about roughly 200 bioactive compounds and cannaflavins can make up to 10% of that. They help the cannabis plant undergo specified life cycles. This includes the instances of providing color to the flower that helps attract the pollinators, protecting against any pest attacks, UV rays, or certain other diseases. Once you are consuming them, the cannaflavins combine with the terpenes to offer the unique aroma that a strain bears. This is how various strains have a variety of flavors and smells. The flavonoids also offer cardiovascular benefits along with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-cancer potency.

It was previously assumed that only THC is responsible for providing the entourage feeling. With advancements in research science today, we are getting more knowledge about a variety of cannabinoids that are effective in making you high like CBG, CBC, and CBN.