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You might be a regular consumer of cannabis or someone who likes to enjoy it now and then as a recreational way out from the busy metropolitan life. It can be unanimously agreed upon one thing that cannabis is magical. But one thing that many of us do not know is that cannabis is not just only one substance, rather the bud or flower that we use as cannabis contains more than 500 different types of identified chemical compounds.

The way cannabis works is when you consume it by various means, such as smoking, inhaling, vaping, consuming as edible, or using THC tinctures, more than 100 known identified cannabinoids interact with your brain and body and forms a communication system known as the endocannabinoid system. This, in turn, gives your brain and nervous system a relay of messages, and by various permutations and combinations of the dosage of cannabis, different sensations form in our body, such as hunger, apathy, nervousness, feel-good sensations, and anxiousness. Due to the involvement of variable genes in our system, everyone consuming cannabis will have different effects on themselves.

But is it good for the brain?

We all know that too much consumption of anything is harmful to our bodies. But you can never get too much cannabis. Cannabis is not regarded as an addiction by various scientists and researchers, and there are good reasons for that. Studies have shown that if consumed in an examined state with proper guidance, cannabis can work wonders for so many people. It has been effectively used for a variety of psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, PTSD, psychosis, and even to eliminate other addictions such as alcohol and other drugs.

Benefits of cannabis for mental health.

    1.  Studies have shown that endocannabinoids play a vital role in the regulation of human mood, and thus helps to keep a check on anxiety, depression, and more often, suicidal tendencies.
    2. Cannabis is proven to be safer than any other organic or non-organic psychoactive drugs, thus making them safer to use with less than no side effects.
    1. Patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease have shown progress after being treated with cannabis with a high percentage of CBD.

To sum it all up, cannabis helps a lot in mental conditions and has been repeatedly proven to be a safer organic substance that people can use and rely on.