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The debate on how marijuana affects the mind has always been in the grey area. While it’s medicinal and recreational usage has helped people overcome various mental issues, the over usage or wrong usage of the same can cause problems. So honestly, the effect of marijuana on your mental health totally depends on the dosage in which you are consuming it and why for that matter.

It is the THC content in the weed that induces a certain rush while consumption and a high after some time. If you get addicted to these things then it might become a problem, however, in other cases, marijuana has proved itself to be helpful too. It helps people loosen up, laugh, get a good night’s rest, and see everything with better clarity. All of this is possible with the proper recreational use of marijuana.

Some benefits of cannabis for mental health are as follows:

  • Cannabis can alter one’s state of mind. If you are having a dull day then a joint can help cheer you up. It alters your state of mind and helps you relax faster than anything else.

  • Studies have shown that marijuana has been helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Busy lifestyle, heavy workload, and relationship problems tend to make people slip into anxiety or depression and weed has shown itself to be useful in such cases.

  • The electrical activity on the brain is enhanced by the usage of marijuana. This works as anti-seizure control and benefits people suffering from epilepsy and such. People suffering from Dravet syndrome have also seemed to benefit from the use of marijuana

  • People dealing with PTSD have also seemed to have benefitted a great deal from using weed. It helps them sleep better at night and also deals with a disturbed state of mind. While being high as a kite is not the solution but weed helps to alleviate the mood of people to a certain extent.

  • If you are dealing with a lot of stress which is even causing you problems with sleeping then a little edible or vape can really make the difference

If you plan on using marijuana for medicinal usage then you might as well consult a doctor and see the options that are available. It is better to get a prescription if you want to avoid addiction.