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Lately, cannabis has become popular among people and its consumption has increased in the past years. Since more countries have started legalizing the use and consumption of cannabis, more people are looking into the benefits of the plant and slowly turning into a weed consumer. Honestly, there is a lot of hype around marijuana; be it smoking pot or eating edibles, it can be very confusing and too much to take in for a beginner. If you too are a beginner, we are here to help you out. Here’s a beginner’s guide to consuming cannabis:

  • Joints- It is pretty obvious that joints are the first introduction for most beginners in the world of cannabis. Joints can be said to be one of the safest and easiest ways of getting high. It’s pretty simple to roll a joint; grind your weed into small particles and roll it to make it look like a cigarette. You can use a traditional filter or just thin cardboard to use as a filter. For a beginner, the joint can be a little harsh on the throat and will certainly take some time for you to smoke it properly.

  • Edibles- After joints, edibles are certainly the next famous way of consuming cannabis. Edibles are nothing but food items like brownies, cakes, cookies, or chocolates which are made with cannabis in them. Edibles take a little longer time to hit and usually beginners end up eating more than one piece thinking the weed is not kicking in, which is a mistake. Eating more edibles can lead to getting too high and very anxious. Hence, always be aware of the amount of weed you put into your edibles and eat responsibly.

  • Bongs or bowls- You can say that bongs are like an upgraded and fancy version of joints. A bowl requires a glass bong filled with water. You then have to place your grounded cannabis in the bong, then burn it, and you can inhale the smoke formed through the mouthpiece. You inhale more smoke at a time from a bong than a joint.

  • Vaporizers- Many must be aware of vaporizers and cannabis vaporizers are also one of the ways of consuming cannabis among beginners. These devices heat up cannabis or cannabis oil to the vaporizing point without burning the plant. If you don’t like smoking, then vaporizers are the best things for you.

Hope this list helps you enjoy your initial days as a cannabis consumer.