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Planning to grow some cannabis in your backyard? Then you probably need to know a lot about the harvesting process and the different stages and processes involved in the successful harvesting of your marijuana plants. In this case, you must also have a clear understanding of the transplant process and how and when to do it for optimal results.

Why caring for the seedlings is important?

The primary objective for the marijuana plant at the time of the seedling stage is formation of a healthy root and your seedling is in a struggling phase at this time. If they don’t achieve their full potential or if they die, then your story with growing marijuana is over.

This is why cannabis seedlings should be treated delicately. You might as well have to support them up with toothpicks or any small stick. The usual 18-6 light cycle is considered to be the best by many growers. White light is the best option and its better if the source of light is CFL or LED.

Roots usually grow in the dark and that’s why it’s advisable to maintain 18-6 or 20-4 light cycle instead of a light schedule throughout the day.

You can get a perfect seedling with 70% RH (humidity) and the temperature of 20° – 24°C. The genetics also have a role to play in determining the shape and structure of seedling.

The medium for growing your seedling should be preferably wet and not waterlogged to provide an efficient wet, dry schedule. You mustn’t overwater the seedlings.

However, an important factor in transplanting is the medium and you simply cannot start in the soil and transplant your seedling to a bucket. Instead, you should start seeding in a small cube so that transplanting the seedling later can be easier. You just cut a cube sized chunk and transplant. An oxygen-rich medium is the best.

When to transplant your seedlings?

The ideal time to transplant your seedlings is just before they grow out of their recent container. The cubes give you a clear view of the roots popping out and indicating that its time for the transplant. You must transplant immediately as the plants take time to recover.

How to transplant marijuana seedlings?

Cubes are the best options

Place in a pot and leave some space for watering.

Make an impression in a bigger pot

Medium in the small pot should be dry before it’s sent for transplant.

Get the plant stem from the base and bring out the medium.

Slide the roots into a bigger container and replace the top part of soil with some more soil and add water.

Seeding is undoubtedly the most important phase in marijuana lifecycle as the hands-on part in cultivation starts with seedlings, whether you grow your crops from seed or clone. Similarly transplanting is a very important stage where you cannot afford to go wrong.