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Humidity is a key factor in the growth of cannabis plant and for every stage, there is a particular optimum growth room humidity level that should be achieved. Though the ideal humidity level tends to be different depending on the particular strains, geographic locations, and season as well, it also varies depending on whether you are growing the plant indoor or outdoor.

You need to understand humidity or relative humidity before dealing with controlling humidity

Relative Humidity is basically the ratio of current absolute humidity going by how things work. You must be aware of humidifiers (adding moisture) and dehumidifiers (remove moisture) as they help greatly in maintaining and balancing the level of moisture that you want for your plants.

How the processes of humidity control work?

  • Primarily for indoor breeders, dehumidification is important as it maintains consistency for the RH levels.

  • Once the ideal humidity level is determined in your environment, and you have found the best room dehumidifier for your crop, you will witness the benefits.

  • It’s very natural for growers to worry about increasing humidity as this tends to promote the growth of fungal diseases and mildew as well and so they keep the humidity low most of the time. However, you have to maintain a balance as your plants are going to require sufficient humidity to grow during their early stages.

  • You also have to maintain proper air circulation and ventilation along with right spacing between plants to avoid problems pertaining to high levels of humidity.

How requirements for humidity changes from one level to another?

Humidity requirements change at different stages of growth such as the clone stage lasting for a week is the time when the clones are separated from the mother plants.

  • Clones don’t have roots and they absorb moisture through their leaves. They need a high humidity level of 80% approximately. Once the roots surface, humidity can go down to 60%. Molds can be easily washed away at this point.

  • Vegetation stage lasts for almost a month and here the plants gain mass and immunity including proper structures. The humidity here should be 50% to 70% approximately.

  • Flowering stage lasts for 8 to 12 weeks and is the final growth stage. With the vapor pressure deficit process, you can keep the plants comfortable. When buds arrive the humidity should be 50% – 60%.

  • At the end of the flowering stage, the plant will be dense and will need a lot of water. The harvesting period is near. Don’t reduce the humidity level as that can cause the growth of mold and minimize the plant’s growth.

Not just disease prevention, humidity optimization also lets you control the nutrient intake of the plant. And, as you control the humidity, you also control moisture intake. So controlling the humidity at different stages of the plant growth is essential for a great yield.