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How to Grow Weed?

Are you an ardent grower who asks how to easily grow cannabis plant either at home (interior or balcony) or outside (garden or guerilla)? The truth is that marijuana plant cultivation is really easy and with a few simple steps, we can get healthy plants, which produce good buds.

Whether we grow outside or inside, the first thing to do is select a variety of marihuana that is appropriate for the climate conditions of the place where it’s to be grown. If you already have marihuana seeds, nothing can be done about it, but if you are going to buy, ensure to choose the variety that best suits.

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What Variety to Choose?

For example, if you live in a region very near to the sea, where ambient humidity is always high, choose varieties resistant to moisture to prevent fungus problems. If, for example, you live in a place where the weather is very warm and the summers are long, sativa varieties such as Super Silver Haze are best adapted to such environment. In contrast, if you live in a place where the climate is rather cool and summers are not very long, Indica varieties such as Great White Shark are the most recommended.

Another kind is the Auto-flowering varieties, which are especially recommended for outdoor cultivation since they require many hours of light to provide good production. Such varieties can grow in almost any climate, since their life cycle is very short.

Be thoroughly informed about the varieties that are best suited for climate, which will ensure that you can choose a suitable variety that will grow and bloom properly. Although it sounds strange to say this, many inexperienced people rush to buy the first seed that is recommended to them without knowing its features. Not all cannabis plants are the same, so not all are well suited for certain climates, and of course, not all offer the same effects or production quantity (buds).

Now that you would have chosen the most suitable variety of marihuana for the cultivation environment, you can continue with the next step.


When to Plant Marijuana?

This question has several answers, depending upon various factors we will see below. If you are to grow marijuana indoors, you can do that when you want, since you can control the hours of light, humidity, and temperature.

If you’re going to grow marijuana outdoors (in the balcony of the house, garden or in the woods (guerrilla)), you must wait for the temperatures to be mild and not very cold. This usually happens in spring when the winter cold is away and does not freeze at night.

On the other hand, it is possible that you may live in places that always have good temperature, where the climate is tropical. In that case (assuming outdoor cultivation), you can choose auto-flowering varieties in any season.

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How to Plant Marijuana?

Whether you cultivate indoors and outdoors, there are a couple of options for planting marijuana:

The first is to germinate seeds independently, and when these have sprouted, plant them in the ground or pot. You can see how to germinate cannabis seeds in this link: How to germinate marijuana seeds.

The second is to plant the seed in the pot or soil, water and wait for the plant to grow. This method is simpler, but less successful because we don’t get to see whether or not the seed germinates properly.

It is advised to geminate seeds first and then carefully plant in the pot for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. If growing indoors, continue and go on transplanting to pots of larger capacity as the plant grows. For outdoor cultivation, wait until the plant gets into few weeks of life, before planting in the ground.

Once the seeds have germinated, prepare a container where you can plant, ensuring to use good quality soil. There’s no use putting reclaimed soil or soil of poor quality. We use special soil for growing cannabis, which you can buy at any Grow Shop. The special soil for marijuana is spongier and less compact without excess nutrients, so the plants can develop roots quickly.

After placing the soil in the pot, we will water the soil to make it moist, but not soggy. The root of the seed needs to breathe, otherwise plant may die; it is important not to overdo it with irrigation water, and regularly monitor that the earth is never dry.

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Once you have watered, make a small hole, which is an inch or an inch and a half deep with the help of a stick, pencil or pen. Put the germinated seed, being careful not to touch the root with fingers, as it is very sensitive. Put some soil on top loosely so that the germinated seed is covered by an inch of land. Wait for a few days (usually two or three days) to plant out of the ground and then they begin to develop leaves.

Newly germinated plants do not require a lot of light, so you can put a container under a lamp of low power until you pass the first week or in a lighted area of ​​the house or under sun. If using sunlight directly, you must monitor to ensure that the soil never dries completely or else the plant could dehydrate and die. How to grow weed is very easy.

Once the plant has left the earth, and developed its first pair of fake leaves (the first after the cotyledons), we can grow it indoors or outdoors, depending on your plan of growing and climatic conditions.

In a nutshell, marijuana plant cultivation is very simple; it just requires a little patience and care!


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.