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Using edibles infused with cannabis must be done mindfully and with caution, so you can have an amazing experience. The wrong dose of these products o the wrong information can result in an unpleasant experience. Cannabis edibles take time to travel through the system of your body, so you need to wait and be patient. If you want to maximize your experience with cannabis edibles, consider the tips below:

Begin with a Small Dosage

Cannabis edibles provide you the ability to add your dosage later but you can ever reduce it. Keep in mind that with these products, ingesting more milligrams than what your body can handle is irreversible. So, it is best to begin with the lowest dosage, like 10 mg to 20 mg, and wait half an hour. If you don’t feel any effect, consider adding another 10 mg to your dosage and wait another hour. With cannabis edibles, you must act slow and steady since this is how they seep into your bloodstream.

Determine the Right Dosage for You

Even if you are recommended to start a small dosage, this does not mean you can purchase a big cannabis snack bar and split into pieces. The best thing to do is to purchase edibles that are accurately labeled on the lower side. Depending on your weight and tolerance for cannabis, such a dosage will have different effects. But, the more you weigh, the longer it takes to feel the effects of THC. Thus, you must know your body, read the labels of your chosen edibles carefully, and take precautions.

Hydrate yourself and Have a Full Stomach

Cannabis edibles may cause dehydration, so make sure to drink appropriate amounts of water throughout the same day you will consumer your edibles. Ensure you have clear-colored urine upon edible consumption. Also, you may be able to feel the effects of the product on an empty stomach, it not recommended. You must consume carbohydrates before your edible intake.

Know what you are Eating

When used responsibly, cannabis edibles can be both effective and safe. You want to ensure you know what you are putting into your mouth and be in a safe place when consuming your chosen edibles. These products tend to vary in strength and you must know what your body is getting.

Enjoy your Edibles with a Friend

When consuming cannabis edibles for the first time, ensure you enjoy it in the company of a trusted friend. Having a friend next to you throughout the experience will make it easier and more fun.