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Calcium is considered as the most essential nutrient for a marijuana plant. Proper intake of Calcium strengthens the overall structure of the plant and helps it to survive in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it’s important to understand the symptoms of Calcium deficiency and remedies to treat your marijuana plant.

Effects of Calcium inadequacy in marijuana yields:

  • The growth of marijuana crops slows down and leaves dies off quickly. Also, the fresh growth gets twisted and young blooms start to turn purple.

  • Since the root system becomes weak, it doesn’t absorb optimum nutrients and water intake.

  • The edges of the leaves turn mottle and you can see light brown spots on leaves.

  • Stalks may appear hollow and rot from inside. Also, the branches become weak and break easily.

  • The crops are not able to survive the climatic changes and may get damaged from transplant shocks.

Here, it’s imperative to treat these problems by taking the following actions:

  • Increase PH levels in soil: When you cultivate the Marijuana crop, it’s essential to maintain the PH level between 6.0 and 7.0. Experts say that the soil above the PH level of 6.2 has the potential to observe more calcium. Before planting the Marijuana crops, flush the dirt well to wash away all the regular nutrients and minerals. Cultivators can likewise apply a blend of dolomite and water on leaves to sustain them with Calcium or you can use Super lemon haze, white widow and Jack Herer for the required Calcium and to stabilize the PH level.

  • Maintain PH levels in Hydroponics: Hydroponics is a technique where plants are grown in a solution of nutrients mixed with water. If you use the Hydroponics technique for your marijuana crop, make sure you clean the whole system periodically. This will help you to wash away the unwanted nutrients and ultimately restore the required PH level. It’s always recommended to use top-notch seeds such as Super silver haze, Chemdog, Hawaiian snow, and Kalashnikov.

  • Prevention is better than cure: Rather than handling the issue of Calcium inadequacy, it’s smarter to take preventive measures at the early stage. Before planting, you can bury some high calcium food such as dried fish, powdered bones, crushed eggs and garden lime under your seedling. This will help the microbes present in the soil to break the nutrients and transport it to the plant.

Remember, a Calcium-deficient marijuana crop will never look healthy.