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It’s quite natural for anyone to wonder whether cannabis, too, has an expiry date. However, what holds true to weed’s nature is that it tastes better with age, but only if you store it properly. So, when done the right way, any cannabis stain or leaf can last for as long as 6 months to a year without losing flavour.

Without further preamble, let’s take into consideration the do’s and don’ts of storing weed.

Things to keep in mind When Storing Cannabis

Remember, humidity, light, and oxygen, everything has a role to play when storing weed to taste better with time, without losing its texture and strength.


It’s ideal to store cannabis in a place with humidity anywhere between 59% RH to 63% RH. Any lesser, the weed will dry out and become frail. Any more than 65% RH, there’s going to be a strong chance that it’ll catch mildew.


The ideal temperature in which weed, when stored, will thrive is between 77° F to 86°F. Any higher, the terpene content will reduce, affecting the flavor in a bad way. Any lesser, there’s be less THC content.

So, now the to do’s:

Make sure that:

• You store weed away from direct sunlight to eliminate any exposure to UV rays.
• You store it in containers that allow just enough oxygen – neither to less nor high.
• You use electric pumps and attach them to the storage jars frequently in order to control airflow.

Dont’s to Never Forget:

Make sure that:

• You neither refrigerate nor freeze the weed.
• You never store it in cheap plastic bags with no moisture and humidity control.
• You never keep your air sealed jars anywhere near gas or ovens, and alike appliances, that emit heat.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the factors why the above listed conditions are necessary to follow.

• Airflow maintenance is essential because, in excess, oxygen speeds up weed degradation manifolds than the usual rate. On the other hand, its scarcity will house mold and fungus eventually.
• If, for any reason, you plan to store your weed in a refrigerator, always use a jar with electric pumps. Also, do not open it immediately after taking it out. Let it come down to room temperature first.
• Make sure the jars you use are glass containers. In fact, it’s best if you use a glass jar that’s UV proofed.

All in all, there’s going to be no use being rueful after your high-quality stain goes bad. Instead, follow, the storage guide we have listed above for best results.