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The cannabis industry has been under scrutiny for many years before several states began to take steps to legalize the drug. Marijuana, which is mostly considered to be a recreational drug, is so much more than being just a source of recreation. There are several medicinal benefits of cannabis and scientists are still trying to explore other such benefits of the drug. The plant can actually be grown indoors as well as outdoors. But the best way to grow a high-quality cannabis plant is by planting it indoors and later on moving it outdoors. We shall take a look at why this may help yield a better quality of plant and other such aspects that revolve around it.

  • The benefits

Growing the cannabis plant indoors is actually quite beneficial for photosensitive plants, which is why some growers prefer growing their plants indoors through the germination, seedling, and vegetative stages, rather than moving them outdoors while they’re too young. This develops a stronger foundation for the plant. Further, moving the plant from indoors to outdoors can give the plant more growth space, when the plant is getting too big. Besides, it can also help you get the most out of the grow season.

  • Timing the process

If growing the plant both indoors and outdoors is what you plan to do, you need to know when exactly moving the plant outside could be beneficial. Setting a goal is important here as it will decide when would be the perfect time to move the plants outdoors. So if your goal is to prevent the plants from encountering sudden sunlight, you need to time the lighting and wait until mid-march. This will ensure daylight that is enough for the plants from entering the flowering phase all of a sudden before it’s time.

  • Moving the plants safely

The most important part of the whole process is undoubtedly safety. The quality of the plant will depend on how safely you move it outdoors. Since sudden temperature, light, or any environmental change can be harmful to the plant, you must make sure that the temperatures outside are safe for your plant. Pay close attention and try to mimic the outdoor environment. That way, moving them outside won’t be a shock to your plants.

The cannabis plant, unlike other crops, is too sensitive to the temperatures outside. Therefore, before moving your plants outdoors, you must strictly ensure appropriate conditions.