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Planting the cannabis plant indoors or outdoors requires one thing in common, utter safety. You need to be extremely careful from planting the seeds to watering the plant. With the legalization of the drug in several states, numerous people are now considering growing the plant. Cannabis is a plant that may or may not require a lot of money to grow but it sure does require intensive care and caution. So, if you are thinking of growing weed yourself, these are a few pocket-friendly tips to do so.

  • Air pumps

If you are growing the plant in the water, the oxygen equipment is quite important. These equipment are cost-effective. Single output pumps can cost you around $15. Further, you can also buy the air stones individually as well as in bundles, which can again cost you around $10-$15.

  • Pots

Anything can be used as pots as long as it provides adequate drainage and sufficient space for the roots of the plant. You can find plastic pots at any garden center at $5.

  • Soil

Soil is yet another significant part of the whole process of growing a cannabis plant. But you need to avoid potting soils with time-release fertilizers since they are not manufactured keeping cannabis in mind. Organic potting soil can be found under $5 per gallon.

  • Lighting

Lighting is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of a grow. So it definitely requires extra attention. Although, this doesn’t mean that you pay a huge amount for the lighting.

  1. HID lights

Some growers still prefer high-intensity discharge lights for the heat that they produce or the custom power control.

  1. LED lights

LEDs are the most cost-effective lights that produce no extra heat. You can use these lights for your plant at a quite reasonable price. LEDs can cost you between $25-$45.

  • Nutrients

Nutrients are of importance to any plant. Thus, you can purchase liquid nutrients for your cannabis plant for $30. These nutrients come in different bottles and need to be administered to the plant at different stages. These can be also used by soil growers with the additional option of powdered organic fertilizers that run about $4 per pound.

Thus, growing weed indoors or outdoors can be a quite cost-effective process, provided you ensure proper care to the plant. Further, you need to be well-researched before starting the whole process.