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The coming election cycle will have far reaching consequences on the global marijuana movement. In the United states, more than 5 states have marijuana legalization on the docket within the next 3 elections. From medical marijuana to full blown recreational laws, the US is leading the way in local government marijuana policy.

In organized movement in Oregon hopes to overturn a failed vote in November of 2012 are back on the docket this election cycle. The vote failed by a close margin of 12% and the activists in the area hope to bridge that small gap this year. Those pushing for legalization in the state hope that the results from other states might help push the needle.

While in Alaska it has long been legal to privately grow marijuana, this November voters will decide whether or not to allow retail sales as well. Voters in the state seem swayed by the results in Colorado, and would see a $50 return in taxes for every ounce sold in the state.

The East Coast is Changing up and Down

Washington D.C. Is pushing for a soft legalization of the plant, but not going full blown retail yet. Residents can posses up to two ounces and have 6 plants at a time. This is very similar to the private growing policies in place in Colorado.

Further South, the fever to create a medical marijuana market has overtaken Florida. The green flooding into the state is mostly in the cash form though, as candidates either backing or opposing Florida’s Amendment 2 have been given nearly $100 million dollars over the course of the year. Florida is of special importance to the movement, because it would be the first southern state to implement such a law.

Maine is introducing a number of local laws in cities and towns across the state. The local interest is sparking hopes that in 2016 the full state might push for legalization if some of the larger municipalities decide to enact their form of a soft legalization. Hundreds of growers in these states will be buying their seeds from Green House Seed Co.

Policy Struggles in California

Many years on into their grand old adventure into the medical marijuana world, California will take a second vote to legalize recreational use and sale. Since California votes on a presidential election cycle year, the 2016 elections are going to be quite pot focused. Especially if pot is growing in US Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen are growing green in their DC back yards.

Taking a final look at conditions across the pond, the EU has started a massive petition seeking 1 million votes for the legalization of marijuana in the EU is gaining speed. Several countries like France and Italy have started limited medical marijuana policies, which are a mere step in the door. It seems the wind is blowing in favor of cannabis users these days.