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Medical Marijuana Works: At least says the random sample of California patients Ryan-Ibarra, Induni M., and Ewing D polled in 2012. The participants showed a wide range of socio-economic diversity exhibiting the wide range of people who report medical benefits from smoking marijuana. No race was over represented by much, though small variations exist naturally.

According to the study, about 5% of Californians report that they use marijuana for a serious medical condition. Those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, and cancer are all using marijuana to help alleviate their pain. Not to mention the long laundry list of medical affects the cannabinoids exhibit.

Marijuana’s Got a Friend in Me

Despite this news, many still believe that medical marijuana is a hoax, including Michael Bloomberg. It’s a shame for the people who live with disorders that are being treated with marijuana, to have their way of life considered a “con job.”

Furthermore, if Mr Bloomberg meant that the system allows for widespread recreational use, then he should consider the pragmatic position that there will always be a supply and demand for Cannabis. There was a supply before the dollar was born. Our connection to marijuana plant is closely linked to our endocannabinoid system.

CBD to Ship Across State Lines

The Governor of New York has allowed for the use of CBD oils throughout the state recently, but in emergency situations Mr Cuomo would like to have the permission to import the medicine from other states. The New York program will not be running until at least January of 2016. The request came in the form of a letter to both the former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and a second letter to Deputy Attorney General Cole.

By completing the request, a precedent is set that other states would be allowed also to import the lifesaving antispasmodic CBD. This would be convenient for states such as North Carolina who’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory has green lighted policy for the use of CBD earlier this year.

It seems that many Republicans are seeing the value in the plant and as more research is being done, the value only continues to mount. Tax revenues are higher than the all of the security guards inhaling second hand smoke next to the Green House Seed Co. booth at Denver’s Cannabis Cup. All of this comes in the wake of Eric Holder saying he might reduce marijuana from the Class I status that heroine belongs to. Eric Holder has the convenience of being on his way out of the job and leads the world in fair marijuana regulation.