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People may tend to take a step backward when they hear about using marijuana as a means to cure illness. Not everybody believes it as marijuana is considered for recreational purposes and not for anything else. But as we discover more about cannabis and its medicinal uses, we know that marijuana is more than just getting high. The drug has incredible health benefits, especially mental health. Cannabis is really helpful when it comes to the treatment of a few mental illnesses.

  • Prevention of seizures-

The anti-seizure effects of marijuana on the brain can help people dealing with epilepsy, to a great extent. It invigorates the activity in the brain and thus the overall health of the brain can be improved with the help of marijuana. Other mental health issues such as the Dravet syndrome or the Lennox Gastaut syndrome can also be treated with the regular use of marijuana.

  • Improvement of cognitive abilities

Cannabis is good for cognitive abilities as well because as we age, the brain undergoes a degenerative process. It becomes less capable than before. So this process can perhaps be influenced by the consumption of marijuana. Using it can enhance the brain function as the therapeutic effects that marijuana has on the brain helps to focus, learn, and comprehend well.

  • Treating schizophrenia

The symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations, speech problems, and the patient losing the sense of reality. A schizophrenic patient needs to be attended to with utmost care. One major research result has shown that cannabis has antipsychotic effects on the brain. It ensures that the nervous system is well-connected to the neurons, sending appropriate messages to the appropriate parts and cells of the body. Thus, cannabis can effectively treat schizophrenia and dementia.

  • Managing stress

Stress is the most common mental illness that almost everybody around us faces. Although it may not seem serious, extreme stress can cause heart attacks and more such issues, as during stressful situations, the body is in fight mode in which the pupils may dialate, heart rate may increase and the blood pressure may shoot up. To prevent such situations from arising, you can use cannabis or hemp oil that travels through your bloodstream, induces calmness, and uplifts the mood.


Marijuana, thus, with more and more research has helped prevent and treat several mental illnesses. It can be consumed regularly in limited amounts, of course, to keep your mental health sound but not without the doctor’s prescription.