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Marijuana: Eaze Solutions

Nowadays, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot do without your Smartphone. Actually, let me say that again: there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do with the right application, and there is an application for pretty much everything. In the last few years, the market of the so-called Apps – for both smartphones and tablet – has grown exponentially. Some commentators have already redefined it and now call it a “new technological revolution”, a post-modern radical change that can’t be compared with the rise of personal computers or even smartphones because it is simply (almost) too fast to be real. And the most amazing thing about it is that Apps move across devices and platforms. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider the app-revolution a proper cultural revolution, something that involves both material culture and ideology.

In the midst of this revolution, cannabis-apps are growing. While the companies that produce these kinds of Apps are many, Eaze Solutions is probably one of the few that really stands out from the crowd. The company has recently developed an application for mobile devices that focuses on the use of medical cannabis. With its App, Eaze Solutions has decided to build a bridge between two extremely dynamic markets (medical cannabis and mobile Apps). As a matter of fact, the company – which has already been relabeled “the Uber of marijuana” – can now count on over 40 investors and has recently collected more than 10 millions to better its application and expand the market. The resources will also allow Eaze Solutions to invest on the construction of a better team, made of authoritative experts and skilled programmers. The company is presently in more than 35 cities and thanks to its services over 30.000 therapies has already been delivered. And did I mention that Eaze Solutions was born only 1 year ago?

But what does Eaze Solutions do exactly? The technology is quite phenomenal: patients can log in and, once their identity is verified, the delivery process begins and the drug reaches its destination in 15 minutes or less. Quite an exciting little App, wouldn’t you agree? Think about it: you can go online and buy quality seeds and even weed like of Green House Seeds Co. or you can use Eaze Solutions to get the drugs you need. And the market keeps on growing, which means we will soon witness the birth of new Apps and new companies: this is so sweet!