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Diseases and Syndromes: An Updated List

We’ve already discussed about all the diseases and syndromes that can be tackled using medical cannabis. The list, however, just got updated.

A few days ago, in fact, CNN published the results of a series of researchers and studies that officially confirm medical marijuana can really make the difference if you suffer from:

1) HIV/AIDS – patients who smoke pot sleep better, their mood improves and their pain is way more manageable;

2) Alzheimer’s disease – marijuana helps patients deal with their anxiety and their weight-loss, and scientists also claim that cannabis can potentially slow down the progress of the disease (further studies are needed to confirm this last statement);

3) Arthritis – the study involved 58 patients and demonstrates that cannabis acts against both pain and sleeplessness, and a different study suggests marijuana is a great anti-inflammatory drug;

4) Asthma – this is quite surprising, but studies suggest smoking pot can open up our airways;

5) Cancer – cannabis can kill cancer cells, improve the efficacy of radio and chemotherapy and slow down the growth of tumors;

6) Chronic Pain – marijuana is famous for being an extraordinary pain management drug, and there are many studies who demonstrate just that;

7) Chron’s disease – cannabis can be used to counteract diarrhea;

8) Epilepsy – marijuana extract can cut in half the number of seizures that adults and children who suffer from epilepsy experience every year;

9) Glaucoma – THC acts on the optic nerve decreasing both intraocular and arterial pressure, and it is therefore extremely beneficial for the many patients who suffer from glaucoma and fight everyday against the risk of becoming blind;

10) Multiple-sclerosis – besides helping with the pain, marijuana also prevents muscular spasms, tremors and rigidity.

The list is getting longer and longer, and it’s more and more difficult to claim medical cannabis is not a key player in the human fight against “incurable” diseases. Thankfully, the citizens of the United States are finally leading the way. Even many republican politicians have finally decided to support (and even sponsor) bills that legalize cannabis oil and medical pot. Of course, if medical marijuana is legal where you live and you decide to cultivate your own plants, make sure to talk with your doctor. Finally, choose the right strain: you have to be careful and very aware of the amount of THC and CBD you need. Medical marijuana will turn your life upside down, and you will be happier. That’s guaranteed.