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People who are new to cannabis have many questions about its usage. Many such questions and apprehensions are due to the bogus myths that surround marijuana consumption. Which is why we have made this marijuana guide for first time users. It will guide you through all the questions you’re probably juggling with.

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The very first question that you might end up wondering is, is marijuana even safe? If your head has been stuck around the same anxiety then it will be a definite relief to know that marijuana is extremely safe. Some of the pointers you need to know are as follows.

  1. Marijuana is not a drug. It’s a natural herbal plant.

  2. Marijuana has multiple health benefits ranging from pain relief to stress busting and much more.

  3. Marijuana is not addictive.

  4. You can never die if you overdose on marijuana. You’ll certainly wake up with a headache though.

That said, next comes the question, how much is the safe amount? To be precise, there’s no measuring chart, but you can follow certain codes – listed below – as a beginner.

  1. Start smoking marijuana with a friend who can guide you.

  2. Don’t over eat it to experience high. There are different kinds of marijuana strains with different kinds of cannabinoids. So, the kind and extent of high will differ from person to person.

  3. Try getting habitual to smoking marijuana first instead of trying marijuana edibles from the start. Since edibles take longer to kick in, novice users can end up ingesting marijuana in bulk.

  4. Do not mix marijuana edibles with alcohol. It might make you nauseated.

  5. Don’t expect that you’ll experience euphoria in your first puff itself. In reality, most users actually end up feeling nothing after their first smoke. So, give it some time.

The third thing that you might wonder is, what does the high actually feel like? Well, the answer actually varies according to the cannabinoid in the strain that you’re using.

  • If it’s a THC strain that you’re using, you’ll experience a happy euphoric feeling.

  • If it’s a CBD strain, this one mostly has therapeutic benefits. It doesn’t give euphoria. Instead, it’s most likely known for its anti-anxiety and pain relief properties.

Last but not least, the final question that beginners wonder is, whether all kinds of marijuana strains offer the same result? And the answer is, no. It’s the quality of the strain that decides the kind and extent of the effect. Which is why you should buy high-quality strains only.

All in all, you will enjoy a stress-free first time smoke when you’ll consume the right quality of marijuana in the right way with the right people.