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Although medical marijuana is now legal in 38 states in the US, Mississippi joined the list pretty late. Using Initiative Measure No. 65, Mississippi has allowed for medical cannabis for patients with selected medical conditions. The basic rules remain the same – the patient must be certified by a licensed physician that he/she needs medical marijuana for their health condition. If you are in Mississippi, you probably have a few questions in mind, and in this post, we are trying to cover the basic aspects.

When can one buy medical cannabis in Mississippi?

There is still some time before you can get medical cannabis using an identification card in Mississippi. The Health Department of the state will have to get the rules and regulations ready by July 2021, and it may take another month or more before it starts issuing identification cards. To get the medical marijuana identification card, a person must apply for the same with the Health Department.

For what conditions medical cannabis can be recommended?

A bunch of debilitating health conditions are on the list. The list of diseases or health concerns include cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cachexia, HIV+/AIDS, PTSD, debilitating pain, glaucoma, dementia and many others. If your physician believes that the benefits of cannabis can outweigh the risks for your medical condition, they can issue a prescription anyway, regardless of whether cannabis is recommended for that condition or not.

About buying medical cannabis

A patient or caregiver can buy get 2.5 ounces of cannabis every 14 days. Note that smoking marijuana in public, or driving under the influence of cannabis is still illegal. Marijuana still remains illegal at a federal level, and there is a fine of up to $100 for consuming cannabis in public places. Patients using medical marijuana cannot drive under its influence either. The Health Department will regulate and offer licenses for treatment centers in the state, and these are the places from where you can buy medical cannabis. Note that these marijuana treatment center will be strategically located and cannot be close to certain places, like churches and schools.

Final word

Medical cannabis in Mississippi has finally arrived, but you need to wait until everything rolls out by August of 2021. In other news, both New Jersey and Arizona have approved for recreational cannabis in latest news, although it may take a while for the laws to take effect. in Mississippi, you can start applying for medical cannabis cards after July 2021.