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Besides Arizona and New Jersey, Montana became the third state in recent times to pave the way for recreational cannabis. Does that mean you can go ahead and buy recreational cannabis? No, not yet. The state will have to ensure that the rules and regulations are in place, and there will be a whole process for giving licenses to dispensaries for selling recreational cannabis. In this post, we are sharing what this means for cannabis enthusiasts.

The basics

Two ballot initiatives – I-90 and CI-118, where used for legalizing recreational marijuana, which will now allow adults aged 21 or above to buy cannabis legally in the state. All kinds of recreational marijuana products will be sold through licensed dispensaries, and there will be a sales tax of 20% on cannabis products. Experts and authors of I-90 believe that the new law will get the state close to $48 million in tax revenue per year by the year 2025.

When can you buy recreational cannabis in Montana?

The Department of Revenue is required to establish the rules and regulations under the new laws by October 1, 2021. However, you may not have to wait for that long. Chances are high that recreational cannabis might be available in the state sooner than that. For now, ‘wait & watch’ is the best policy.

How much of recreational cannabis can one buy?

Adults aged 21 or above can buy up to one ounce of cannabis under the newly-passed. As for concentrates, the limit is set to 89 grams. In case you are interested in growing recreational cannabis at home, you can grow up to four plants.

What are the restrictions?

Consuming marijuana products still remains illegal in public spaces and at a federal level. You are also not allowed to drive under the influence of marijuana, and employers have the right to fire someone if they are found consuming cannabis or under influence of marijuana at the workplace. No licensed business can advertise in any form, not even on social media, but these dispensaries or licensed businesses can have websites.

Final word

While there might be some wait before you can buy recreational cannabis in Montana, but rules & regulations are likely to be enforced soon. Make sure that you are aware of the standard state laws, which will be discussed in detail before dispensaries are given licenses. At the federal level, recreational cannabis is illegal, although many cannabis enthusiasts are hopeful.