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It is predicted that by the year 2025, recreational cannabis markets will grow by 36.4% as the availability of legal marijuana will increase. After many countries legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, more people have started exploring the benefits of weed and are slowly turning into consumers. With the cannabis industry expanding, with more states and countries legalizing the use and consumption of the plant, it is creating more job opportunities. Manufacturers have a great opportunity in helping the weed industry grow.

Here are the opportunities for manufacturers in the cannabis industry:

  • Up-to-date Industry Regulations- As it was mentioned earlier adult legal use of marijuana is only permitted in some countries and states, and hence the state legalization and regulations keep on changing every now and then. Also, every state has different rules and regulations, which makes it difficult to keep track of everything. Manufacturers are the ones who stay up to date on market research, keep a note about the legal requirements for packaging, labeling, and marketing in the cannabis industry. These jobs can be complex but a good and focused manufacturer will always have a flexible solution to the problem.

  • Labeling and Packaging Opportunities- Be it any product or service, many would agree the most of the success of a business is depended on its marketing. As of cannabis companies, most of their marketing and branding is highly reliable on its labeling and packaging. But the cannabis industry faces printing restrictions and hence is challenged with labeling requirements. The manufacturers in the industry need to come up with new and innovative ways to diversify their services and fulfil all the requirements. With a lot of labeling and packaging restrictions, manufacturers in the cannabis industry should find advanced digital solutions and solve the issues.

  • Going Digital and Online Presence- Most of the companies these days have gone digital and competing for success online. As for the cannabis industry, it has been thriving in the digital world. For cannabis companies, it’s important to utilize customer data in order to understand the type of customers consuming their products. Manufacturers here should have a good knowledge of e-commerce and media too. Manufacturers are the ones who can help the cannabis industry grow online with their marketing strategies while following all the regulations.

Hence, it can be clearly said that manufacturers in the cannabis industry are very crucial for its growth and success.