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It is common knowledge that marijuana can be consumed through edibles as well as through the lungs. So why the different ways of consuming the drug? Although smoking and eating marijuana appear to produce the same effects, it is not completely true. Eating and smoking marijuana in fact produce different effects. Smoking the drug actually can have more benefits today as we face the wrath of Covid-19 across the world.

Since the virus affects the respiratory system of the body, smoking cannabis may in fact lower your chances of catching the virus due to its wide-ranging medicinal properties. Thus, you can count on cannabis as a measure to repel Covid-19 when you consume it via smoking. However, a doctor’s prescription is advisable no matter what the situation is.

  • Eating and smoking marijuana will definitely get the drug into your body, but it doesn’t actually go to the same places. When marijuana is smoked, it gets straight to the lungs before it affects the rest of the body. On the other hand, through edibles, marijuana gets to your stomach first, before it reaches your liver and other body parts. Thus, the drug fundamentally causes different effects when consumed differently.

  • When marijuana is smoked, one can expect to see the effects in a few minutes or even seconds. With edibles, the feeling and effects could be delayed and can take up to 3 hours to show effects. At this time when the whole world is under lockdown, you can try and find how consuming Marijuana differently can induce differential effects.

  • Many times, people consume a large amount of marijuana edibles since the effects are delayed. In such cases, the effects can be dangerous as after a few hours, when the drug finally starts to kick in, the situation could get out of control.

  • Before you decide to consume marijuana through edibles or via smoking, you may want to consider the fact that smoking marijuana can be done under control, unlike eating it through edibles. People are likely to devour the edibles at one go. Thus, having them in a limited amount can help you actually enjoy the feeling.


Cannabis can act as an effective remedy provided you take it as prescribed. Considering the current scenario, nobody knows how it will impact the virus and its effect on us. So, it is advisable to go with your doctor’s advice only.