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Smoking cannabis has a wide range of feelings and effects witnessed by individuals that are completely different. This feeling depends on the strain you are consuming and your genes. One such feeling is greening out. An individual witnessing this scene feels like dying out horribly but that is a case that will get over earlier than you can imagine. Few easy tricks involve taking deep breaths, some sugary snacks, and relaxation to let that feeling die out.

What is the feeling?

Greening out is often associated with “whiteying” which is the side effect of a lot of consumption of THC within a very short period. Smoking THC when the body is tired or when the stomach is empty can also trigger such feelings.

Usually smoking THC in small doses enhances the senses. When the doses are medium, the appetite is ramped up and new perspectives are achieved. But the high doses lead to greening out. This leads you to feel mentally uneasy along with an upset stomach and elevated heart rate.

When does this happen?

This is a feeling that might occur to anybody from beginners to veterans and here are a few of the reasons for its occurrence:

  • The beginners might commit an error while consuming and may smoke up too quickly.

  • Veterans explore the higher boundaries and push the limits to smoke further.

  • Edibles might hit late and very unexpectedly and at times much harder.

How to avoid this feeling?

  • Going easy is the best thing that can be done to prevent greening out. This will help you get suitably high and indulge responsibly.

  • Choosing the strains wisely will help you keep away the high THC flowers that bring in this feeling. For a balanced effect, strains can be combined with having equal THC and CBD content.

  • Planning for smoking is essential to keep things under control. This will also help you keep the essentials alongside. This involves water, sugary foods, and high-quality CBD oils.

What does greening out look like?

The symptoms might involve an upset stomach, vomiting, nausea, tiredness, and light-headedness. The extreme cases may also involve shaking, sweating, and pallor. To prevent any of this, it is advised to avoid high THC products and uptake consumption of high CBD products. They will give you a healthy high that would last moderately.

Responsible smoking of marijuana is going to be the best feeling but the high presence of THC can make things go wrong.