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Blood donation has always been an integral part of the healthcare industry. The pandemic has even escalated the need for the donation and ready availability of blood always. Diseases like sickle cell anaemia, traumatic injuries, surgeries, and even treatment of cancer require donated blood. And with more individuals suffering from COVID-19, the donor rates are dropping down massively. There have also been rumors about the prohibition of marijuana smokers from donating blood. With such a scenario in mind, we will discuss the possibilities of blood donation by cannabis consumers.

Eligibility to donate blood

Blood donation by marijuana smokers is allowed till the blood does not contain any objectionable pathogens. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration requires the test of pathogens like hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV, Zika Virus, and West Nile Virus. The FDA does not direct the blood for screening of cannabinoids or THC metabolites in them. This is a great relief to both the blood supply organizations as well as the cannabis consumers who want to donate blood.

Who can donate?

Any cannabis consumers who are associated with smoking, dabbing, vaping, or consuming edibles will be able to donate the blood. However, besides these, some generalized demands must be met before donating.

  • The donor must be weighing around and at least 110 lbs.

  • The donor must be at least 17 years of age.

  • The donor must be in good health and not carry any serious ailment like blood sugar, blood pressure, or thyroid.

  • The donor must be in the best of their health on the day of donation.

The process of the donation will be halted or ceased if the donor turns up to the center while being under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, opium, or some other drug. Other steroids or any drug administration via needles or that are under prescription will also prevent the donor from donating.

How safe is it to donate during a pandemic?

When donating blood under the supervision of the Red Cross, they will ensure the utmost safety of the donor as well as the blood that is getting collected. It is to ensure that the donor is in a clear state of mind and health for the donation to take place smoothly.

The blood that is donated by cannabis consumers is used extensively for the plasma, platelets, and red cells or even as whole blood. So the blood needs to be in perfect condition without toxins or pathogens in it.