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If you are growing marijuana, you can expect strong odors from your plants. The majority of growers try to fight odors; however, the process can be complicated. An indoor room can create plenty of aromas. This is the reason marijuana growers must control the odors as much as possible. As marijuana can be smelled hundreds of feet away, this guide can help you keep the odor contained:

Why the Strong Odors?

There are some reasons marijuana odors can start to become too strong. These include the following:

  • A lack of proper vacuum in the ventilation system. Without a proper vacuum in the system, scents may escape. The fan must be strategically positioned to keep odors from wafting from your grow room. The fan can also serve as a vacuum when positioned correctly.

  • The carbon filter is too small for the grow room. You need the right filter to prevent marijuana odors. Carbon filters trap odors and make sure they are contained in the grow room. But, if the carbon filter is too small for the room, the fan will push air through the filtering system too quickly. This results in a lot of the negatively charged ions passing through and escaping the room.

  • Exhaust leaks. Even the smallest exhaust leaks could result in smells escaping. Make sure to check the hose for any cracks or holes. Check also the clamps to make sure they are adequately tightened and secured.

Preventing Marijuana Odors

As a marijuana grower, you must know how to take care of the odors to keep your growing efforts secure as well as prevent intrusions and threats from neighbors or thieves. The following are your options to ensure the world does not you are growing marijuana:

  • Odor neutralizers. These products can effectively keep marijuana odor from becoming overwhelming. However, you must use them with caution. Do not place them in the same room as your plants, especially during the flowering stage. Some odor neutralizers can impact how your buds taste and smell.

  • Carbon filtration. This kind of filtration system takes the smallest of odor ions and traps them inside the filter, ensuring only clean and fume-free air comes out. If you use the filters, you need to use a tubular air extractor to suck air into the filter. A lot of growers use carbon filters because they don’t emit any other smells. Also, they can be bought in different sizes, based on the size of your grown room.