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In Biology, Hermaphroditism is a special condition that makes complete and partial genetic organs both with male and female sexes. This may occur for any kind of organism on this planet. Marijuana is a very common plant to have this condition with occurrences of both male and female flowers. Though this is a very common condition for Marijuana plants, we need to know why this condition occurs as it is not something we desire.

There can be two reasons for Hermaphroditism: Genetic and Environmental reasons.

Genetic reason: 

Not all Cannabis plants tend to be Hermaphroditic. Only some strains are prone to this characteristic. This is well explained if we study the genetic source of that particular kind of Marijuana plant diagnosed with hermaphroditism. A hermaphroditic mother plant is the source of hermaphroditic productions as the tendency of inheritance always works in organisms. This has no better scientific clarification. Thai Sativa is a type of marijuana that tends to have this condition in the highest mark. However, all we need to do is to identify the Hermaphroditic plants and remove them quickly.

Environmental reason: 

The influence of stress in the plants is a significant cause of why they have hermaphroditism. If the plants in any way find the flowering condition hard, hermaphroditism occurs to shorten this period. There are several mistakes that can cause the flowering condition hard by causing stress in the plants. 

1. Not Giving Enough Time of Lights: Only 12 hours of light makes the growth of the plants slower. But 24-hour light facility manages more time for the plants to grow. So lesser time of lightings is a negative sign as it leads to slower progress, which directly causes hermaphroditism. 

2. Extreme Heat: The room temperature in the Northern American States is fine for the growth of Marijuana. But excessive heat causes burns in the leaves which is a reason for stress in the plants.

3. Late Harvesting: Procrastination in harvesting marijuana can be a reason of stress with worse consequences.

4. Malnourishment and Over-fertilization: Both lack of nutrients and overuse of fertilizer are bad for marijuana. Imbalance in these two are important reasons for stress in the cannabis plants.

5. Weakness in Plants and Appearances of Insects: Damaged stems and roots, broken branches are good reasons why the plants stress out.

It is usually the Environmental reasons that cause the hermaphroditism in Marijuana more than the Genetic reasons. However, with precautions, these Environmental reasons can be prevented. But for hermaphroditism from Genetic reasons, we need to learn the identification of hermaphroditic cannabis plant as there can hardly be any precaution about it. Hence, it is important that we take good care of our Marijuana plants.