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So, looks like your strain of the cannabis plant has given you a good yield. And now you are wondering what to do next? Should you plant a new one for the next harvest or will this plant yield more? Today, we will be discussing the technique used for the regrowth of cannabis and its pros and cons.

How to regrow the plant?

1) After the completion of the growth cycle, it is quite usual to uproot the plant and make way for new ones. However, you can make another harvest from the same plant if you can just introduce it back to the vegetative phase of growth.

2) Keeping in mind that this isn’t a beginners’ technique, we’ll be telling you how to go about the same. You need to harvest the buds. For this, you will have to allow small flowers to stay in the lower part of the plant and some large leaves in the mid-section. It is important to leave the buds on the plant skeleton as they will initiate the regrowth phase and also post this, you must prune the roots. The plan is now in the beginning stage of the regrowth.

3) The next part is where you uproot this plant and replant it in a new pot with fresh soil. You need to make the soil fertile by adding the requisite bacteria and additives. The plant is under a lot of stress right now so it will require about 20-24 hours of sunlight to go back into the vegetative phase.

4) You will find some mutations in the plant in the first two weeks of growth. Maybe the leaves will grow up round or something. Well, it is completely normal. Carry on with how you would normally look after the plant and then trim off the weird parts once the plant is on the 12-hour sunlight cycle. Now, the plant has officially entered into the growth phase.

You need to keep in mind that this type of growth is not usual and hence, you might not get the results as good as a first harvest.

The pros and cons include:

A lot could go wrong somewhere during the process. There could be accidental re-vegging. Avoid light leaks in the growth area as it will affect the growth of these plants. Research is recommended for better yield. Make sure everything is in sync.