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As the recreational use of cannabis becomes legal in many countries, there is an increasing amount of pressure on cannabis producers to improve sales and profits. Like any other business, the fate of cannabis sales is also heavily reliant on technology. The starting point is to keep the plant healthy and improve the amount of harvest each year. Since this is not possible without the use of some form of technology, there are a number of cannabis growers who are investing in high-end technology.

High-Tech Sensors

In the earlier days, the cannabis crop would be tested with just looking, seeing, and smelling. Since the quantity of crop is increasing, it is impossible for the producers to carry out this manual process. With the advent of high-tech sensors, the producers can get a feel about the crop. These are about the size of a small computer tablet and are positioned inside the growing areas. The system feeds data about the temperature, pH, moisture etc. to the cultivator.


A lot of supply chain-related innovation comes through with the help of technology. As technology facilitates the cannabis market, there is no looking back for the producers. It is all about making the right form of innovation-related investment at the right time in order to reap future benefits. As there is an increasing amount of competition in the market, companies are also looking to differentiate themselves by using technology and positioning themselves in the right way.

Cannabis Usage

Technological advances are also helping to devise new modes of cannabis intake. There are many variations in the instruments available to intake cannabis. Some of them are so high-end that people can easily mistake them to be a pen-drive for example. There are devices, which are so cool that they can almost be flaunted while using or just carrying around. A lot of Silicon Valley start-ups are jumping into the race for designing and manufacturing such devices.

Environment Monitoring

Technology companies are also helping cannabis manufacturers to check for the environmental impacts that the production of cannabis might have. There are many solutions that make the lives of producers very easy and help them in constantly monitoring for any breach.

Be it the production efficiency, consumer outreach, designing or packaging, technology seems to have all kind of solutions for the cannabis market. The relationship between cannabis and technology is only becoming stronger and widespread. Each company wants to produce to the best of their capabilities and they can easily do so with the help of technology.