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Cannabis or Marijuana, as it is better known, has been infamous for its psychoactive effect on the nervous system of human beings. But, if you look at the benefits, those are also plenty. These have been recognized in the medical field and many countries allow it to be used as a prescribed drug. Many other countries still have to come to terms with this.

Other than that, it can help people spiritually, provided extra care is taken with the strain, dosage, and frequency of use. The effect of cannabis is also impacted by the individual’s physical and mental state at the moment, the setting, and his attitude towards the plant. The most important factor that helps to benefit from marijuana is the ability of oneself to quieten down the talkative mind and meditate.

Why Marijuana?

The main reasons why it is good for spirituality include its low intoxication levels as compared to many other hallucinogens. This allows it to be used more frequently. The second major reason is that it is good for use in a group setting as it encourages conversation. People tend to become more philosophical and avoid thinking logically. This allows for a welcome shift from the rigid views and drives the individuals to look at different perspectives for the same situation.

Spiritual Awakening

It helps in a spiritual awakening of the individuals by guiding them towards a mystical state, which helps them to connect to the world without considering the two facets of everything and just experiencing the present to the fullest. It teaches you to value your life for what it is rather than giving meanings to everything.

Clarifying the Past

Living beings carry a lot of baggage from the past without really being aware of it. There is a need to reach an awakened state to be aware of the same to be able to resolve the causes and be able to live fully. Usage of cannabis for meditation with a goal and focus on it, it has the capability of clarifying things for us and revealing aspects that one would not be able to see normally. The same will not work if there is no clear intention or goal.

Cannabis, owing to the misuse for recreation, has lost its value in the minds of many and will take time to regain it. Meanwhile, the benefits continue to exist and just need to be harnessed the right way.