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For people dealing with anxiety, cannabis is often the ultimate choice for immediate relief. When you are looking for an anti-anxiety strain, you should be looking at the CBD-to-THC ratio. If you want the intoxicating effects of cannabis, a strain that’s high on CBD but low on THC would work better for your anxiety. In this post, we are sharing the CBD strains for anxiety.


One of the better strains with high CBD content, ACDC has been around for a while now. The concentration of CBD is at around 14%, while the THC level is at 6% or less. Note that the eventual CBD or THC strength of a strain may vary on certain factors, such as grower and season. Nevertheless, ACDC is one of the best strains for feeling happy and relaxed, without getting extremely high.


Lifter is a hybrid strain with about 50% Indica, and 50% sativa. The THC content is around 1% or less, which means you wouldn’t experience any high with this strain at all. The CBD content, however, is at an astounding 20%. No wonder, this has been rated among the best medicinal strains for anxiety, and it can make you feel every happy and content.

Cherry Wine

This is one of the most balanced hybrid strains in the market. Cherry Wine works perfectly well for anyone who wants to feel high and at ease with anxiety, without the psychedelic effects. The name clears the doubt about aroma too – the hint of cherry flavored wine is evident. Depending on the grower/season, the CBD content stands at around 16-20%, while THC content is almost limited to 1%. This is also a good strain for anyone with chronic pain.


This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s high on CBD. The CBD concentration is at around 18%, and yes, you will be rather surprised to know that there is almost no or less than 1% THC in this strain. If you want to get relief from anxiety but without getting stoned, Remedy can be quite an option. The strain is also often recommended for chronic pain and nausea.

A quick mention about Charlotte’s Web, which is also a great strain with 20% CBD and almost no THC. You will love this strain if you are a fan of CBD-based options that have therapeutic benefits. Check online now to find more on the best strains in the market.