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There are literally hundreds of cannabis strains out there, each one with its unique properties. Some strains are more likely to make you relaxed and sleepy, and these are typically Indica-dominant ones. Sativa strains will enhance your mood, boost your creativity, and are just perfect for daytime use. So, what does it take to choose a cannabis strain? We have a guide below that will come in handy.

Know the chemotype

Each strain has its own chemotypes, which determines whether it is THC or CBD dominant. THC is the only compound in cannabis that is psychoactive, which means that it will make you high after a couple of puffs, depending on the strength of the strain. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive, but has a bunch of health & wellness benefits. There are also balanced strains that have a balance between THC and CBD. So, how does this matter for choosing your strain? If you want a more intoxicating and high effect from cannabis, go for a THC-dominant strain. CBD-dominant strains also work well as an anti-anxiety option, but these wouldn’t be intoxicating

Find the potency

Some strains have been noted for the high THC content, while others do have enough of both CBD and THC, such as ACDC. Higher the THC concentration, the better experience you would have as far as getting a high is concerned. Something with 18% or more THC is best suited for someone with enough experience of smoking the pot. For THC-dominant strains, the CBD content is usually less than 5%. Note that the THC and CBD content is largely dependent on the grower and season.

Check the terpene profile

Terpenes are often overlooked. Besides impacting the therapeutic benefits, terpenes are largely responsible for aroma and flavors. Some strains are popular because people love the scent and taste of the strain. As you experience more flavors, you will come to understand how terpenes can impact your choices. If you have confusions, consider talking to budtenders at dispensaries, and they can guide you further on the various terpenes and how to choose a strain.

Now that you have figured the basics, go ahead and buy your cannabis from a dispensary that’s known. You should be open to trying more choices, because unless you know a few strains, it is almost impossible to find a favorite. Every strain can give you an experience unlike the previous one.