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For the unversed, sativa strains are great for enhancing focus and improving mood. With time, growers have all gone all out sativas, and we have a wider and exciting range of options and strains to choose from. In this post, we are sharing the top sativa strains that are worth your attention in 2021.


Talk of strongest sativa-dominant strain, and you have Hulkberry. Hulkberry is the cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, with THC content of 27%. This is not a strain for the Average Joe, all thanks to the 65% sativa-dominance. This is a gassy option with some sweetness in there, so you can expect an unusual high with this strain. Hulkberry is not a hard strain to grow though, with a growing time of nine weeks on an average. The plant, like most sativa strains, has a better yield when grown outdoors.

Strawberry Cough

The second one on this list is Strawberry Cough, which is again a sativa-hybrid known for its potency. The origins of this strain can be credited to breeder Kyle Kushman, although there is not enough clarity as to what constitutes Strawberry Cough. What makes this strain a nice is choice is the THC content of 18%, which is just ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. The flowering time of the plant is between 8 and 9 weeks, and in terms of taste, it does have that Strawberry scent, with a touch of Spice and sweetness.

Durban Poison

Talk of perfect sativa strains, and you have Durban Poison, which has been popular for quite some time now. It is known for its South African origins and has a THC content that’s potent enough -between 15% and 25%. If you always wanted to try a strain that gives you an energetic high, look no further. This is often one of the top preferences of medical cannabis users, especially those who have been dealing with anxiety and paranoia. The smoke is just what you would want – lemony and sweet.

Final word

There is no one strain that works for every user. The idea is to go ahead and experiment with as many options as possible, but do consider the THC levels and start as slow as possible with your first sativa-dominant strain experience. A good strain will get you high and happy enough to see through an anxiety-inducing day, and that’s the beauty of sativas.