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The popular issue of legalization of marijuana has been a real head-scratcher. Some countries and states believe in the legalization, while some are dead against the idea. However, with the growing awareness of marijuana and its several benefits to the physical and mental health, we can expect to see the drug legalized in the near future. But as of now, not all countries are for it. Even so, there are a few countries that have perhaps realized the need for the drug and decided to legalize it. These countries are also one of the most visited ranked by their cannabis-friendliness.

The legality of recreational marijuana-

  • A data has shown that marijuana is consumed by people between ages 15 to 65. The countries which legalized marijuana were awarded 100 points and the countries that decriminalized it, were awarded 50 points.

  • Out of 100 most visited countries, 61 have in some or the other decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana or passed a law, legalizing it.

  • Smoking marijuana in countries where it is prohibited is probably a bad idea as this could land you life sentence or even death penalties in some countries.

Here are the cannabis-friendly countries of the world:

1. Canada-

Canada, in 2018, decided to legalize marijuana with the minimum age of 19 years and the public smoking laws in accordance with the respective province.

2. Uruguay

Uruguay was the first country to legalize the consumption, production, and sale of marijuana in 2013. But it only allows the residents to make use of it. So it may not be a good decision for the non-residents, tourists to carry out transactions related to marijuana in Uruguay since the laws are pretty strict.

3. Georgia-

Georgia, in 2018 legalized the production and possession of marijuana but not the sale. It is the only country in Europe to have legalized the drug.

4. South Africa

Like Georgia, it is legal here to produce and consume weed, but not sell it. Thus South Africa too is quite cannabis-friendly.

5. Guam

Guam, a US territory is the place where weed is hundred percent legal since 2019.

Apart from this, medical marijuana is legalized in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and Canada, and so on. Recreational weed is also legalized in Australia.

The legalization of marijuana seems possible in most countries in the near future as people learn the newer and better uses of this drug.