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The Inspiring Legal Marijuana Scene In 2015

Now, people do not need to lurk in the bushes and within covert basements to smoke pot and let their minds flower in a world of dreams. After all that is what marijuana creates, euphoria if you like, just like any other drug but dependent upon dosage and potency. Some drugs speed you up but marijuana slows down the faculties and so the peace message instead of violent urges.

The Colorado scene

Fears of cops and law courts, fines and imprisonment no longer haunt. Woodstock remains in the far recesses of the memory. Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead songs still resonate through the consciousness. Another time and place has opened up in Colorado after pot went legal for recreation! Aspen has as many as six recreational marijuana shops and diehards still find it difficult to believe that they are all quite legal.

The future of marijuana

The tug of war continues unabated between the advocacy groups, the culture mongers and of course the vast illegal marijuana trade worldwide. It does make sense that smuggling and violence like the drug cartels would end if weed became legal everywhere like growing, buying and selling vegetables. But that seems to be a vicious dream and countries do not agree. Cultures and religions divide the world. Not even peace agreements could be achieved so far. Yet it seems clear that medicinal marijuana cannot be denied and slowly will see the light of day in several US states and countries. Such loosening up may pave the way for recreational marijuana too now that it is proved not to be dangerous or lethal.

The Alaska liberalization story

Heading for the North Pole to meet up with Santa Claus? Something like that you might say because Alaska also okayed legal marijuana. Yet the question mark is that the towns would have to decide for themselves how legal possession of cannabis would be for those 21 years and older. And so during the debate Santa Claus himself appeared, at least that was his legal name! Santa said that he needs marijuana medically speaking and does not wish to travel to Fairbanks to get it.
The Willie Nelson brand rocks at 81

Of the many celebrities in love with marijuana, Willie Nelson created ‘Willie’s Reserve.’ The brand enjoys the green signal with the decriminalization of the drug and the removal of the evil stigma connected with the weed. Willie Nelson consistently supported cannabis for personal use and hemp too. Cannabis does generate creativity and brings a peaceful high.